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Apple’s pursuit of Intel’s modem unit is all about ‘doubling down’ on 5G

“”Apple does realize it’s not another chip — it’s strategic intellectual property in a connected device, said Prakash Sangam, founder of Tantra Analyst, a research and advisory firm. “This is one of the key strategic pieces of IP they don’t have, and it makes sense to own it.”
“By combining them, Apple could have a more complete system on a chip (SOC), said Tantra’s Sangam.”

Gauging the Impact of Qualcomm’s New 5G Chips for Industrial IoT

“The industrial IoT sector is evolving, and industry 4.0 is taking shape. There is extremely high interest and scope to utilize 5G for industrial IoT,” Sangam wrote in response to questions.
The collection of segments and needs pertaining to industrial IoT is vast, with variances on speed, capacity, latency, battery life, cost, and longevity, he added. Industrial IoT covers both extremes — a low traffic agricultural sensor or high-bandwidth video surveillance fused with artificial intelligence (AI).

Internet Outage: Is it time we start talking about decentralized CDNs?

“This concept has been around for a while but is plagued with issues. It eats into the bandwidth of users, affecting both uplink and downlink. Also, it significantly affects the battery and processor capacity of PCs,” said Tech analyst Prakash Sangam while speaking to TV9 Digital.
Instead, Edge Clouds could be the solution he believes.
“Edge Clouds or Edge computing creates architecture which stores and processes data close to the users. It offers better privacy and also provides resilience against such failures. It is a hot topic in the 5G ecosystem and can be looked at in the case of CDNs too,” he added.